Tricia Taylor, LMT (Massage Therapy)
Massages for chronic pain, inury, sports performance, recovery & relaxation. Specializing in getting people pain free from soft tissue injury, one person at a time. (931)209-8923

After years of massage from multiple therapists, Tricia is the only one who addresses the real issues with lasting results. She is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to explain the body to a client in a language he/she can comprehend. Tricia shows me how to treat myself at home and explains preventative strategies. While she never pressures a client to come when treatment is not needes, her schedule is wonderful! I often schedule a massage the day of and I've never been cut short one minute in a session. Words do not justify the skill and knowledge of Tricia regarding the body, I am driving more than an hour just to see her when an abundance of massage chains are available nearby. All other fail in comparison! Ashley S.

I've had massages across the country, but no one can 'read' a body better than Tricia. Every time I come out of Tranquil Body, I feel renewed and refreshed. Today was particularly amazing! I'm having trouble with one knee, and was getting concerned about it. Tricia was able to release tension in my body, to the point that my knee feels MUCH better! I'm sold on Tricia's technique and knowledge! Vickie Lyon

OVERALL EXPERIENCE Five Stars New Client Special 1 Hour Massage Only valid on your 1st Visit SERVICE RECEIVED: Excellent! Have spent over 5k since January with no results. 1 visit with Tricia and can feel difference. Thanks ! Look forward to next visit.  Bobby T. May 2015

11-01-14   Tired of hurting all the time, I found Tricia and scheduled an appointment for this morning. I thought, I'd HAVE to feel somewhat better. Was I wrong! Tricia took time talking with me about my pain, and then went to work on my stressed muscles. It didn't take very long to realize I was getting the BEST massage I'd ever had! After the hour was up, I felt like a new person! I scheduled my next session before leaving, and once my husband saw the change in me, he's going in, too!  I was a skeptic, but it's on the plan for next time! Thanks, Tricia! I feel SO much better!  Vickie Lyon

10-30-14  My injury was year go today. The workers comp Dr. and some of the therapists have a bad habit of NOT listening. I know they work for the other guy and not me. Tonight I went to  Tricia Taylor, LMT and she listened to me then went to work. She explained why I was having lower back pain (from the knee injury and surgery) . I came out of there after an hour virtually pain free. I had a hard time getting dressed this morning, now I can touch my toes.  I will be back. I dont give out many compliments, but I had to on this one. I feel great. I would recommend them to anyone. Roger Williams

9-16-14  Quality, Other, Environment, Customer Service, Wait TimeMy shoulder does not hurt and I have more range of motion. Thank you so much!

I have very demanding and stressful job that requires me to travel every week. One day I woke up with pain in my low back. The pain in my back was so painful, I couldn't stand up straight or even think about getting on an airplane. I contacted Tricia to see if  she could help. I was able to schedule an appointment with her on short notice. I was amazed at how quickly Tricia was able to relieve the pain and I was able to get back to work. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality experienced massage therapist.  Doug P.

Tricia is a wonderful massage therapist.  I had upper back pain, headaches and trouble sleeping at night. I contacted Tricia for a deep tissue massage and she introduced me to neuromuscular massage. What a world of difference that has made for me. My pain is gone and I now sleep through the night. Thank you, Tricia. Cheryl S.  

 As an avid long distance runner and cyclist, I have had massages from all over the United States. Since I started seeing Tricia, my recover time isn't as lengthy and I have been able to cut my time down in my long distance runs. I am amazed by the results.  Ron S. 

Thank you sooooo much. The massage was amazing. We enjoyed every minute of it.  I highly recommend calling her for your every massage needs. She gives wonderful advise for future pain relief and she works wonders. She was throughly prepared (with the table and all) and gave an excellent massage. She has years of experience and you can really tell with this awesome experience. Thanks again. Tiffany 

 "Tricia did a fabulous job. She goes far beyond the typical massage. She analyses what you need. Talks with you about your expectations and delivers even more than you hoped for. She understands sports injuries and can deliver a massage that helps one heal." -Cathy 5 out of 5 stars"

"We were there today and everythihng went GREAT and my wife with all her back problems is feeling MUCH better... I suggest everone should go for even minor problems but the major problems work out ot be the best... All MUST go, thanks Tricia, Gayle feels GREAT..." Peter  

"This was my first massage. Tricia was very professional and explained what she was doing and why. I am certainly coming back for another. Thank you.." -Mark N 5 out of 5 stars

"WOW!!! I have had many 1hr massages, but this one was by FAR the very BEST!!!. Finally found someone that can actually help my neck and feet. I am in Missouri. Well you folks around the Titusville, Florida area a lucky. Enjoy!! This therapist knows her stuff. Thanks and now I know to look for a therapist that specializes in neuromuscular therapy. " -Sue Smith from Lees Summit Missouri 5 out of 5 stars

"Tricia has been helping me work thru pain in my neck and shoulder after an injury. Her knowledge is never ending when it comes to what needs to be done to help alleviate the pain. And before my session is over with, she always asks if I am feeling better than when I walked in. My answer is always a definate "yes". "                 -Jana Walker                 5 out of 5 stars 

 "My neck felt so much better after my first massage with Tricia. Knock on wood, no migraines so far!   I will definitely be back!  "                 -Lori                 4 out of 5 stars

 Thanks for all your help getting Gayle ready for her neck surgery. All worked out great and it's now just past 5 weeks and she doesn't need her neck brace any more and she can now move her right arm and touch her fingers again for the first time in 10 years and she's overall moving MUCH better. Peter S.

  Again, can't thank you enough for helping Gayle in a condition that helped her recover from her double neck fusion surgery... She's doing great now and many thanks for you help getting her there... Peter 

Tricia is amazingly aware of where the pain is, as she seeks and destroys! She works miracles in thirty minutes She's serious about her skill, and friendly, funny and listens to what you have to say. And I like that about her.     Stacy Davenport

Extremely Relaxing         Kenneth M. says: I received this massage as a gift. Wow! What a wonderful experience, very soothing and relaxing. Tricia was very professional.
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