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What is Neuromuscular Therapy?

  What is Neuromuscular Therapy and what does it do?

Neuromuscular therapy is a type of bodywork that reduces and eliminates chronic pain and normalizes body posture by selectively loosening tight muscles and connective tissue.  First, the therapist consults with the client to get an understanding of their symptoms and concerns.  Then the client’s presenting posture is observed.  It is understood that muscles move bones, and that distortions in posture are a result of muscle imbalance.
When posture is distorted, joints deteriorate prematurely, nerves become compressed and circulation is impaired.  Tissues are deprived of vital nutrients.  Posture is often distorted from repetitive motion such as sitting doing computer work all day and golfing to name a few. You may ask why? The muscles in your body over time compensate to these factors resulting in chronic pain. As a result you have neck pain, lower back pain, upper back pain, headaches or sciatica to name a few. Your range of motion can be limited  by this compensation as well.
A neuromuscular therapist develops an individualized strategy to restore the balance in the muscular system.  Overly tightened tissues are relaxed through the use of specifically applied manual therapy.  Communication and education with the client is extremely important in the success of this type of therapy.
Neuromuscular therapy is a successful resolution to compensating factors  in the muscular system that are often distant from the site of the client’s presenting symptoms. It helps a wide range of people from those suffering from an injury or chronic pain to the athlete who is looking to improve their performance.


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